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1. Video | Monitor Audio

January 4, 18 ||By: Jeff
The new MASS Surround Sound system is designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, elegant speaker cabinets that will augment any interior. Packing plenty of Monitor Audio’s acknowledged loudspeaker expertise inside a choice of sophisticated cloth covers, MASS is a discreet, stylish system capable of truly immersive sound.

2. Video | Monitor Audio

January 11, 18 ||By: Lisa
Monitor Audio’s decades of experience in producing groundbreaking, class-leading loudspeakers has resulted in this, the latest Gold series. Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the new Gold series has been designed to deliver performance to savour for a lifetime.

3. Video | URC

Dec 23, 15 ||By: Jeff
From one room to whole-house, you can control your audio, video, lighting, climate, and more. URC brings whole-house control to life, making it personal for homes around the world — every day.

4. Video | URC

Dec 21, 15 ||By: Lisa
URC's new CC Control Mobile App. Easily control all your audio and video equipment plus lighting right from your iPad or iPhone. You will discover how easy to build an app is!

5. Video |

Oct 23, 15 ||By: Kevin introductory video explaining the security capabilities.

6. Video |

Sep 12, 14 ||By: Kevin shows just simple and easy it is to make your home safe & secure - in 30 seconds.

7. Video | Episode

Sep 23, 14 ||By: Mark
Video is a great introduction to Episode speakers, their build quality and why they deliver so much - for so little.

8. Video | Episode

Sep 23, 14 ||By: Mark
Every Episode speaker looks like it’s meant for the world’s greatest stage – yours. From our perspective - they perform far greater than their selling cost.