Our Brands Best of Breed

Some of our brands you may not have heard of, they are smaller firms with smaller budgets. They focus their dollars on research & development - not on marketing.

Great brands have many facets... performance, reliability, build quality, on-time delivery, and responsiveness in support.

What we have learned - is that when we need support, some national brands just don't provide the level of service we expect and our customers deserve. We believe it's people - not product - that often make the difference.

We carry brands that exemplify excellence in every dimension, including the human.

Let's make your home - the place to be on Game Day.

MONITOR AUDIO Radius R90 speakers "...this is a no-reservation recommendation." ~ WHAT HI FI

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Monitor Audio Radius R90 HT1 speakers

Monitor Audio Radius HT1. "“A lot of technology and subtle design detail is hidden behind the svelte exteriors, and the result is a system that really works. Even without the subwoofer, the five satellites provide an impressively muscular, yet finely detailed sound. Add in the sub and the system develops a real sense of power and authority when stirred by suitable programme material.” ~ WHAT HI FI
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